VORY 12L Class B Pre & post vacuum 6 program Autoclave

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Product Description 

This Autoclave is an sterilization device used for steam sterilizing dental instruments.   The autoclave digitally displays two selectable temperatures (either 121℃ or 134℃) and a selection of preset sterilization programs, including an unwrapped, wrapped, plastic, cotton etc. The autoclave features three trays for maximizing space in the chamber by holding instruments to be sterilized. The maximum pressure and load weight depend on the object being sterilized. A mechanical and electrical safety feature prevents the door from being opened until the chamber has reached zero pounds per square inch (psi). The VORY autoclave is commonly used in dental clinic, comes with a two years warranty. CE and TGA certificate.

Autoclaves are ovens that sterilize laboratory instruments and can kill bacteria, viruses or both. They are often used in clinic, laboratory,  beauty, tattoo, etc to sterilize instruments, and can be designed to meet different health, safety, and environmental standards.


Main Features


  • Class B
  • Pre & post vacuum
  • LCD/LED display
  • B.D. Test program
  • 6 Programs
  • Optional Printer
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Double door lock system
  • Pressure overload protection
  • Double Water Tank
  • Advanced self-test system
  • 20 minutes fast sterilization
  • High quality vacuum pump without noise
  • With drying function

    Standard Package

    1. Autoclave Machine
    2. Manual
    3. Shovel
    4. Measuring Cup
    5. fuse (2 pcs)
    6. loading frame (3 pcs)
    7. Sealing ring 

    Technical Specification

    Autoclave Class Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave class B
    Display  LCD /LED display
    The LCD screen can display temperature、pressure、time、operating status、error and alarm information etc
    It is convenient for user to observe the sterilizer running status
    Sterilization temperature 121℃ & 134 ℃
    Sterilization date output Optional mini printer
    Sterilization program Six standard program
    B&D test  ,  vacuum test
    Control precision Temperature:1℃       
    Steam generator Built-in High efficiency instand steam generator producing a lots of steam in high speed
    Vacuum system Efficient vacuum system
    Lower working noise
    Vacuum lowest limit can reach over -80kpa
    Vacuum in high speed
    Perfect drying performance
    Safety system Hand lock door
    Pressure lock system
    Relief valve in case of over pressure
    Pressure or temperature over load protection
    Alarm for system failure,  finish reminding,  water level warming
    Water supply system  Built-in open type water tank easy to clean
    Water filter & Water level sensor inside
    Water tank capacity 4 liter
    Water consumption 0.3 - 0.8 liter
    Tray and holder Rectangle or circular shelf with 3 layer trays
    Chamber  Medical stainless steel 304 unibody structure
    MAX / MIN working pressure: 2.3 / -0.9  Bar
    MAX temperature: 145℃
    Operation temperature 0 - 40℃
    Noise  Less than 50DB
    Power supply  AC 110 / 220V,  60/50HZ
      Chamber size / mm Product size / mm
    Volume   12 L Φ200*360 560*450*410

    Warranty: 2 Years