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DHS-Mini Veterinary Endoscope

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Suitable for parrot, cat, rabbit, monkey, dog, alpaca and small miniature animals, such as esophagus, ear canal, nasal cavity, stomach, bronchus, uterine cavity, bladder and rectum, pathological tissue sampling, extraction of foreign body and so on.

Main Features:

  • HD imaging technology enables user to get clearer, wider field of view and image effect,so that the diagnosis is more satisfactory
  • The human medical grade inserting pipe line material is soft and hard, and the scale is clear and clear. It will not cause two damage to animals
  • Large capacity storage of a variety of video and image output methods, facilitate user’s late report, search and other needs
  • Multistage image magnification, multistage light adjustment and other forward-looking functions serve better in the field of animal diagnosis