WIT301 Syringe Pump with 3 Years Warranty

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Main Features
  1. Including 10 kinds working mode: Volume / Simple Rate / Micro / Programme / DOSE Weight / Drug Lab. / Manual Bolus / Auto Bolus

  2. Automatic identification of 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml/60ml, 5 kinds of syringe of different brands.

  3. Automatic the syringe gap fast start function.

  4. Built-in 200 kinds of drugs, covering the clinical use of the drug dose of 54 units on the library, and could be connect with the PC for edit; export & import.

  5. Monitoring and controlling safety technology for the needle loose caused the pressure of syringe rapidly drop.

  6. Support changes the Rate, Time, Dose, VTBI & other important parameters during the pump working.

  7. Advanced pressure detection technology, adjustable 20 level, and two option of units: mmHg / kPa.

  8. With the unique alarm: Pre-alarm of end infuse, Pre-alarm of high pressure block to meet the needs of special treatment

  9. Convenient & flexible combined by 1-3 units pump  

    Standard Package

    • WIT3010 Syringe Pump
    • A/C Adapter
    • User Manual

     Technical Specification:


    Working Mode Rate/VTBITime/VTBIRate/TimeMicroSimple RateProgrammableDOSE WeightDrug LabAutoBolus, Manual Bolus.
    Syringe Open System for 5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml/60ml 5 kinds of syringe of different brand
    syringe  management could add / remove / edit / calibrate more than 50 kinds brand syringes
    Accuracy  ±2%,Built-in: ±1%
    Calibrate Automatic or manual calibration of syringe accuracy
    Rate 5ml syringe: 0.01-150 ml/h
    10ml syringe: 0.01-300 ml/h
    20ml syringe: 0.01-400 ml/h
    30ml syringe: 0.01-600 ml/h
    50ml (60 ml compatible) syringe: 0.01-1200ml/h
    VTBI 0.1~9999 ml or OFF
    Total Volume Σ 0-9999.9ml   
    KVO 0.1~20ml/h Adjustable,Default:1ml/h
    Programmable Maximum 8 steps of different syringe rate / time / VTBI
    BOLUS Manual Bolus:long Press the Bolus key to infuse and release to stop Auto Bolus:short press the Bolus key and set the VTBI & Rate
    Pressure 200mmHg - 1200mmHg20 level, live pressure displaymmHg & kPa two units
    Pre-Alarm Occlusion When the pressure in the tube goes up, it has the function of early warning
    Back off The pump will automatic release the pressure of syringe tube after occlusion in case the medical risk.
    Pressure fast drop Monitoring and controlling safety for the needle loose caused the pressure of syringe rapidly drop.
    Pre-Alarm Finish 1 min~30 minThe alarm can be set ahead of VTBI
    Fast start First time install the syringe and when the pump start to working, it will automatic remove the mechanical gap for high accuracy.
    Parameters Modify changes the Rate, Time, Dose, VTBI & other important parameters during the pump working
    Keypad Locker Manual / Auto lock keyboard
    History Record Record 20000 infuse records, 10000 alarm records, can be downloaded to the computer to save &query
    Self-Test safety live time self-test function to ensure the pump working properly
    Alarm Occlusion, Finish, Near Finish, Pause timeout, Pusher error, Lower Battery or damage, Motor error, Incorrect syringe type, handle clip error, parameters error and etc. 20 kinds safety monitoring alarm
    Light Tips 3 color light tips:Green for pump working;Orange for low level alarm (counting working)Red for high level alarm (pump stop).
    Voice Tips Compliance YY 0709-2009 medical standard, Alarm and key volume level adjustable, with Mute function,
    Monitor High brightness color LCDAdjustable brightness
    Communication RS485 port, connect with PC to update / download
    AC Power AC100V~240V,50Hz/60Hz,25VA
    Battery Ni-MH battery, DC9.6V, 2000mAh (after full charged, could continue work more than 7 hours by 5ml/h rate)
    Battery power query Live-time query battery life and battery charge status
    Class Class I, Type CFIPX4
    Installation For round and square pole, Horizontal / Vertical, could superposed 1-3 units
    Dimension 1.9Kg ,   140mm×145mm×325mm
    Environment 5℃~40℃;   20%~90% humidity;   70kPa~106kpa atmospheric
    Use Range For the patients with constant intravenous infusion of drugs


    Warranty: 3 Years