VINNO 5 Color Ultrasound Machine- Slim Compact portable Color touchscreen

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Product Highlight:


Responsive touchscreen, streamlined workflow and customizable, user-defined portables to maximize the workflow efficiency.

                                      Intuitive Touch Operation


Ultra-sensitive touchscreen for easy           Fingertip-conductive touch operation

operation, even while wearing gloves

                                Customizable Configurations


Self-defined preset                                Self-defined measurement item sequence 

                                                Needle Enhancement


Significantly enhances needle visualization provides clearer view of the needle tip while minimizing the risk of error.

        Auto Optimization   


One-click auto optimization adjusts gain, PRF baseline in 2D, Color and Doppler mode.                                                            

Auto Measurements

System automatically recognizes targets & caculates measurements to reduce repetitive taps, clicks, and button pushing


The V5 superior image quality, simplified workflow, and lightweight design provide greater diagnostic confidence in a wide range of clinical settings—including emergency medicine, anesthesiology, pain management, intensive care and musculoskeletal examinations. A full range of wide-band transducers suit a whole variety of applications and requirements. 


In complex emergency environment,    With rich cardiac function analysis

VINNO 5 performs with its fast boot        software such as MAM, Auto EF, TDI 

up time, extreme portability, built-in         with ECG, VINNO 5 can support   

battery and WIFI or Bluetooth                 cardiac diagnosis at bedside 

communication as an ideal partner.        forcritically  ill patients in fast pace.                   



Supports a variety of linear probes with      Up to 23Mhz high frequency linear 

wide frequency bandwidth which deliver     transducer, highly sensitive power 

superior image quality from superficial        Doppler and biopsy guidance feature 

to deep tissue. Needle enhancement,         ensure the accuracy of interventional 

Makes VINNO 5 an ideal system for            operation in sports medicine, 

nerve block and pain management.             orthopedics and rheumatology.

                 Excellence in OB/GYN Applications


A highly sensitive touch screen and           Full range of OB/GYN functions 

simple 4D interface deliver smoother         including MCut, FreeView, HQ, Auto 

workflow and simplify daily practice           OB Measurements, Auto Follicles for                                                                       complete clinical analysis

                                          Innovative Design


Battery pack                                      Battery indicator               Video printer mount
Multiple battery backup supports
several hours working time


Up to 3 probe connectors      Additional Physical               4 probe holders

                                              keyboard available


Main Unit: 2 Years

Probe: 1 Year

Standard Configuration:

  • V5 Ultrasound Machine Main Unit
  • Innovative RF platform
  • 15 inch high resolution monitor
  • 8 inch touch screen
  • Pulse Wave Doppler & HPRF
  • Color/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging
  • Phase-inversion/ Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Vfusion (Spatial Compound Imaging)
  • VSpeckle (Speckle Reduction Imaging)
  • Tview (Trapezoid Imaging)
  • Easy Compare
  • RF-based Zoom
  • Full Screen Imaging
  • Triplex 2D/Color/PW 
  • Auto Optimisation
  • Auto trace in PW/CW
  • B+CF simultaneously
  • 120G SSD
  • Patient database
  • Quick store
  • Network storage and printing
  • Vascular calculations
  • Cardiac calculations
  • OB calculations and tables
  • Gynecological calculations
  • Urological calculations
  • Renal calculations
  • One Battery
  • 2 USB port in the system
  • AC Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • Smart 3D
  • 4D module 
  • Tutorials package
  • Auto OB measurement package (BPD, OFD,HC, AC, FL)
  • Auto Bladder Volume measurement
  • Transfer image to FTP server
  • VTissue
  • Probe: G4-9M (128 element wideband micro convex probe)


Optional Configuration:

V30177 Smart 3D volume calculation
V30149 Auto EF
V30211 Stress echo
V30212 2D follicle count
V30213 3D follicle count
V30067 Tomographic display (Mcut)
V30031 PView
V30061 Color M mode(not available in USA, Canada, Australian,Japan)
V30021 MAM (multi angle M mode, not available in Germany, France, Italy, Norway, USA, Japan)
V30033 Auto IMT
V30080 Needle enhancement
V30107 SGC(scanning gain compensation)
V30040 Auto NT
V30057 Inversion mode
V30058 Magic cut
V30060 Free view
V30038 DICOM export and storage, printer, worklist
V30178 Free 3D
V30035 HQ (High Quality) 3D/4D


V20021 F2-5CE (128 element convex probe)
V20001 G2-5C (128 element wideband convex probe)
V20003 D3-6C (128 element wideband 3d/4D convex probe)
V20005 G4-9E (128 element wideband endocavity probe)
V20033 F4-9E (128 element wideband endocavity probe)
V20007 G4-9M (128 element wideband micro convex probe)
V20017 F4-12L (128 element wideband high frequency linear probe)
V20013 G1-4P (64 element phase array probe)
V20014 S1-6P(64 element single crystal phase array probe)
V20012 I4-11T (128 element interoperation linear probe
V20025 G3-10P (64 element high frequency phase array probe)
V20031 G3-10PX (96 element high frequency phase array probe)


Biopsy and others
V30141 F2-5C resuable stainless Biopsy guide
V30142 F4-12L resuable stainless Biopsy guide
V30119 G1-4P  resuable stainless Biopsy guide
V30030 G4-9E  resuable stainless Biopsy guide
V30217 G4-9E  resuable stainless Biopsy guide (21G)
V30146 G4-9E  resuable stainless Biopsy guide Long
V30205 F4-9E  resuable stainless Biopsy guide
V30026 G2-5C resuable stainless Biopsy guide
V30120 S1-6P  resuable stainless Biopsy guide
V30084 USB Double button foot switch
V30148 Battery Pack with separated package