E10V Veterinary Color touchscreen Ultrasound Machine

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Product Highlight

E10V offers value added performance, flexible configuration and compact design to meet with varied clinical requirements. Its simplicity and mobility make you good alignment with narrow space.

  • Transplant from high end RF platform
    • Bigger data to compute for better image quality
    • Non-linear demodulation to strong signal
    • More accurate and higher step calculation
    • Processing algorithm based on signal data, not image data
    • Flexible algorithm on data processing
  • Simple UI &Customised Settings based on your work style
  • Extremely efficient workflow with smart motion touch operation(like iPad)
  • Shared service system with classic features
  • High effecient connectivity& Remote Diagnosis
    • Barcode reader for patient information input
    • Bluetooth for image data transfer
    • Wireless networking for easy data sharing, storage and printing
    • Image data transfer directly by E-Mail with network access
    • DICOM 3.0 compatibility
    • Could service : FTP(IIS/FileZilla/Serv-U)
  • Slim and compact solution
  • Excellent 3D/4D


    • Excellent image quality
    • Innovative rendering processing
    • Intuitive and smart user interface
  • Auto follicle in B mode




Enhanced Imaging Technology 

  • Vfusion, directional-enhanced information compounding   
Compounding  technology combined together with RF platform,  VFusion helps to improve the image information, enhance contrast resolution and reduce the noises

Compounding technology combined with RF platform, VFusion helps to improve the image information, enhance contrast resolution and reduces noise.

    Compound Off      Compoun On

                Compound OFF                                              Compound ON

           VSpeckle                                                               VTissue

VSpeckle can adaptively enhance           sound speed is automatically matched 

contrast and reduce speckle, haze          to enhance certain tissues such as 

and other artifacts                                    breast and tendons


Vspeckle         Vtissue



  • Vspeckle, specke reduction filter
  • VTissue, adaptive RF signal processing on tissue differntiation
  • Excellent RF signal based Triplex imaging  
Simple UI &Speed Up Exam Process
  • Customised Settings based on your style


      self-defined preset                         self-defined measurement item

               fast review by sliding on touch screen               built-in report template       

  • On board patient record management

  • One key image auto optimisation

  • Auto Measurement (Auto IMT/Auto NT/Auto PW/CW trace)

  • Operation at your finger tips

 Powerful Function

  • Ttiplex Mode


  • Auto Optimisation
  • Easy Compare
  • Full Screen
  • Pview
  • Needle Enhancement
  • Auto Measurement(Auto IMT, Auto NT, Auto PW/CW Trace)


PW auto trace: Smart spectrum auto trace functionality, and real-time trace sensitivity adjustment

    • Auto spectrum envelope trace, whatever live or frozen status
    • Live trace sensitivity adjustment to well match the spectrum
    • Real-time measurement result update according to the latest heart cycle

 Versatile Imaging Mode

  • 2B/4B/Synchronisation Dual display B and CFM
  • Triplex mode
  • Real zoom and full screen function to enlarge imaging size
  • TView for trapezoidal imaging 



OB & Gyn                        




Varied Clinical Application 

  • Cardiology Application: MAM (multi-angle M mode), color M mode, TD, Embedded IMT, Tview
  • Radiology Application: Synchronisation dual mode, Easy compare technology, Panoramic imaging, Wide range of transducer for choice
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Application: Smart 3D/4D technology, Wide angle FOV, Massive obstetric calculation package
  • Emerging Application: Easy to use, Slim and compact design, wide rage of transducer for choice