PT60 Veterinary Doppler Ultrasound System - Hand-Carried 15" Color Touch Screen

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Product Description:

PT60 Vet touch color Doppler ultrasound system (multi-Point Touch support), perfect for equine, bovine and small animal medicine, is a true simple smart in ultrasound with portability, ease of use, reliability, and durability. PT60 Vet offers a new level of intuitive operation, innovative productivity tools and powerful processing for empowering pregnancy control & reproduction diagnosis, abdominal exams, tendon exams, stallion genital tract, foetal sexing. The result is an all-new level of efficiency and image quality.

Application of Color Doppler Ultrasonography in Bovine and Equine Reproduction

  • Applicable to equine, large animal (beef, dairy cattle), small animal, zoo mammal, and marine mammal medicinebody scans, for example, Abdomen, Reproduction, Gynecology, Cardiology, Small Parts
  • and veterinary clinic & research departments and livestock farm, Zoo, etc  


  • Easy to clean
  • Simplified workflow with focused diagnosis
  • Efficient specialized point-of-care application exams
  • Hi-Res 15'' LCD capacitive full touch-screen monitor
  • New designed user-friendly software
  • Beam steering for better needle visualization
  • Ultrasound-guided lithotripsy function
  • Advanced imaging technology and superior image quality can provide fast and precise scans.
  • Compact design to be with you wherever
  • Multiple transducers to enable extended diagnosis
  • Advanced simple user interface performance
  • Digital TGC Preset
  • Convenient Handle, MicroProbe Connector
  • Built-in 2+ hour battery
  • External keyboard (option)
  • Mounting systems: wall mount or ergonomic cart(option)

Completely adjustable, with large wheels, for smooth and safe transportation.

Travel case
A dedicated customized travel case either for roll along or as a rucksack.

Technical Specification

  1. System Overview

Ultrasound platform: Based on Windows high‐speed hardware platform,provides a cutting‐edge 64‐beam imaging, can handle up‐to 4500 frames image per second. 

Imaging Modes:   B/C/D triplex mode
                             Dual live: B/C,B/PW,B/M
                             Dual‐split: B/C, B/M, B/PW
Gray scale levels: 256
Transducer Type: Convex Array, Linear Array, Rectal Array
Transducer frequency: 2‐15 Mhz
Transducer connector: one active transducer connector port/support  extend extension transducer connector(reserved) 
 Scanning depth: up to 351mm

Software:  Spanish, Russian, Italian, Deutsch, French, Italian, Korean, Magyar, Polish, Romana, Chinese, and more(ODM support!)
Keyboard Input: English, Spanish, and more(ODM support!) 

2. Physical Specification

System Dimension: Height: 402mm Width: 385mm Depth: 53mm
Weight: Around 5.5 kg (Include Battery)
Physical channels: 64
Transducer element: 128
Monitor:  15'' high resolution LCD monitor with tilting to view it freely and comfortably
                          Resolution: 1024×768
                          Brightness Adjustable
                          Max Opening Angle: 45°
 Materials of systems body: Fireproofing and anti‐corrosion ABS
 Power: System operates via AC power & battery
 AC Adapter: Model Mango-BMV-14AD
                     Voltage: 100‐240VAC
                     Frequency: 50/60 Hz
                     Currency: 5.7A
                     Output: 14V
Battery: (optional):  Model: LY606090
                               Lithium‐Ion, 11.1V , 7000mAH
                               Charge to Full: 6hours
                               Max Duration: 150 minutes realtime scan
 Operating Environment:    Temperature: 0‐40 °C
                                           Humidity: 30%‐85% (non‐condensing)
                                           Pressure: 700hPa‐1060hPa
Storage and Transport: Temperature: -20°C ‐55 °C
                                       Humidity: 30%‐95%(non‐condensing)
                                       Pressure: 700hPa‐1060hPa
  1.  User Interface

          Control Panel: 

      • Easily be adjusted to the user's preferred height( up to 45°)
      • iBscan™ Quick Image Optimization
      • One Touch to Zoom
      • Image clip board for thumbnail view
      • Alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard with Backlight
      • Ergonomic Soft Key Operations
      • User Defined Blank keys: shortcut for easy access to system menus and active parameter adjustment 

          Boot‐up and Power off:  Hard boot‐up in 35s
                                                 Power off in 2s  


      • Text and arrow available
      • Size of text and arrow adjustable
      • Set home position for comment initiation
      • Full packages for all application
      • User‐defined text

          Bodymark :

      • Bodymark patterns for all application
      • Support transducer mark

         Screen Displayed Info:

      • BMV Logo
      • Hospital Name
      • Exam Date
      • Exam Time
      • Acoustic Power
      • Frequency, Angle
      • Thermal Index
      • ID, Name
      • Probe
      • TGC Curve
      • Focus Position
      • Thumbnail
      • Image Parameters
      • Measurements
  1.  Imaging Processing Technologies:     
Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Compound Imaging
Speckle Suppression Imaging
Wide‐angle imaging
Panoramic focusing technology
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Auto Optimization
Automatically expand the image to full screen
ZOOM imaging
  1.  Measurement & Calculations        
 B mode:  Distance, angle, area, volume, trace length, distance ratio 
 M mode:  Distance, time, slope, HR Software packages: abdomen, cardiac,                              gynecology, obstetrics, urology,, small parts (thyroid), etc.
  1. Input and Output
  •  HDMI:                   1(reserved)
  •  Ethernet:               1(reserved)        
  •  USB 3.0:               2
  •  MIC:                      1
  •  DC in:                    1
  1. Intelligent Workflow/Storage/Review
  •  Storage:
    • Intelligent patient data management platform with integrated search engine for patient data
    • Intelligent data backup/ restore
    • 64G(standard)/128G(optional) integrated hard disk for large number of patients can be store
  •  Cine review: Auto, Manual (auto review segment can be set), supports linked cine review for 2D, M/D images
  •  Cine memory capacity(Max.):  
    • Clip length presettable: 1‐60s
    • B mode: 12394 frames
    • M mode: 181.1s
    • ‐ PW/CW: 169.6s
    • Color: 10121 frames 
  • Exam Management 
    • Powerful “Station” for patient management
    • Patient quick search and retrieve
    • Able to review current exam and past exam
    • Support new exam, activate exam, continue exam
    • Able to measure on stored images and cines
    • Able to export file as JPG/AVI/PNG/DICOM/DICOM‐JPEG/BMP
    • Able to back up data to USB device  
  1. Multi‐frequency probes
Rectal Convex probes
RC3.5/R60/D-3 color Doppler Rectal convex array transducer:
provides you a wide field of view with phenomenal depth than rectal linear probe 
Bovine Animal Application:This type curve convex probe for cattle helps you make more accurate bovine pregnancy diagnosis between 30 and 60 days because of its deeper penetration with curvedprobe technology,in additional, it also has numerous other abdominal applications.
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 2.0‐5.0MHz
  • Central frequency: 3.5 MHz
  • Radius: 60 mm
  • View angle: 61 degrees
  • Scanning Depth: 36‐351 mm
  • Element: 128  
Rectal Linear probes:
    RL10.0/40-64D-3 Rectal color Doppler Linear probe:
Bovine(beef,dairy cattle) Animal Application: Fertility,Pregnancy,Sex determination,Non reproductive applications.
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 5.0‐10.0 MHz
  • Center frequency: 7.5MHz
  • Scanning width: 40 mm
  • Scanning Depth: 18~184 mm
  • Element: 128  
  1. Peripherals and Accessories (Optional)
Digital B/W Video Printer
MITSUBISHI CP93W(suggested)
  •  High Speed Printing
  •  High‐density 325 dpi thermal Head
  •  Worldwide compatibility
  •  Simple and Convenience to Operate
SONY UP-895MD                      
  •  ‐ Built‐in WIFI Adapter
  • Encryption: WPA/WP2/WPAI, 64/128/152‐ bit WEP, WPS
  • Max transfer speed: 150Mbps
  • Protocol: 802.11b: CCK, QPSK, BPSK, 802.11g/n: OFDM 
 Graph/text printer: 
  • All  Brand's different model printers              
  1. Complied Standards: 
CSA C22.2 No. 601‐1
EN 60601‐1 and IEC 60601‐1
EN 60601‐1‐2 and IEC 60601‐1‐2
EN 60601‐1‐6 and IEC 60601‐1‐6
EN 60601‐2‐37 and IEC60601‐2‐37
EN 62304 and IEC 62304
EN 62366 and IEC 62366
EN ISO 17664 and ISO 17664

Standard configurations:

Model Commodity/Descriptions
PT60-Vet  PT60 Vet main unit+Color / PW64 channels (Enhanced processor)
15" high definition LCD monitor 
Capacitive touch screen
LCD Monitor easily be adjusted to the user's preferred height( up to 45°)    
One transducer connector
Two special-designed probe holders
Two USB ports+One s-video out port+Shared Service Package
64G SDD storage
User defined exam settings 
Plenty of veterinary measurement&calculation software packages
RL10.0/40-64D-3 RL10.0/40-64D-3  Rectal color Doppler Linear probe
LY606090 Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 7000mAh


Model Commodity/Descriptions
LY606090 Extra Lithium-ion battery
RC3.5/R60/D-3  RC3.5/R60/D-3 color Doppler Rectal convex array transducer
RL10.0/40-64D-3  RL10.0/40-64D-3  Rectal color Doppler Linear probe
MANGO AC Adapter for systems
SW126100 Battery Charger
HP-M1005 HP LaserJet M1005 Printer
MT1 Mobile trolley 
WTC-1 Aluminum alloy carry case


Main unit:      2 Years
Probes:          1 Year
Free Lifetime upgrade to new versions