Bestscan S6 Compact Touch Veterinary Ultrasound - Rapid on-farm large animal diagnosis

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S6 Compact Touch Veterinary Ultrasound

           - Rapid on-farm large animal diagnosis with confidence

BestScan® S6 features a new touchscreen user interface with a clinician-drivenmenu logic that adaptively adjusts to your imaging needs “what you need, is what you see”. It’s with slim and compact size, and ease of use and probe introducer technology is providing you with the best of image quality, durability,and reliability required by today’s large animal veterinarian. In other words, designed to satisfy all veterinarians’ field applications.

 Used On:

Bovine/equine/ovine/swine/dog/cat/llama/camel&small ruminants

Used For:  

Pregnancy /Fetal sex detection /ovarian examination/ post partum diagnosis/Musculoskeletal scan

Specifically engineered for all aspects of bovine and equine reproductive imaging, as well as for basic equine tendon imaging.

On-farm scan:
Simple Touch To Save Time

In touch with veterinary, S6 small size, great imaging. BestScan® S6’s touch-screen is highly durable and helps to improve work efficiency, also important imaging parameters can be automatically optimized with the touch of a button, maximizing the efficiency of diagnosis workflow.

Viewing Devices & Abundant Accessories

  1. Touchscreen: The first 7-inch size Touch Handheld Ultrasound Scanner Systems in China, easy using like mobile phone. Features a 7-inch high definition touch LCD screen delivering excellent contrast resolution, image clarity and vibrant color in any lighting condition, in turn, makes operating the ultrasound system smartly efficient.

  2. Hood sheath: Using hood sheath sunlight readable

  3. Goggles: A device offers you the best real time monitoring service Monocular Goggles, Binocular Goggles

  4. System sunshade and protective jacket

  5. Probe introducer eases shoulder and arm strain.

Innovative ergonomic design in every detail

  1. Grid for estimation: With grid on the image area, you can easily estimate the size of the target substance like follicle, fertilized egg, etc.

  2. Simplified workflow with focused on-farm veterinary exams+ multi-language support+ Rapid real time and freeze zoom from 4 to 16 cm.

  3. Batteries(replaceable): Long battery life is important when you scan a big herd, 9+ hours(2 Batteries).

  4. Environmental rating: With IP67 waterproof protective case; IP67 (probe head),IP45 (main unit)

  5. Robust Body: Fireproofing and anti-corrosion ABS, military level+ splash proof aluminum alloy transport case

  6. Rotate Screen: You can operate the ultrasound system either in left hand layout or right hand layout. It can automatically adapt to two different layouts when you rotate it.

  7. The Exact Difference: Linux insider with superior image quality, pseudo color imaging

  8. Storage and Export: Images saved up to 1000 frames, and export via USB/SD supported

  9. Image Chipboard and USB Flash Drive Support: Image chip board for thumbnail view, use USB 2.0 to transmit the images and cine loops to your computer.

  10. Modular software: Easy for the upgrade, free lifetime upgrade to new versions

Picture Perfect Vision

The highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in diagnosis are possible with S6, providing clearer imaging with an innovative noise reduction filter.

Equine ovary, recent ovulation

Equine pregnancy

Patent design:

  1. Rectal Convex Probe (wide field of view and deeper penetration) + Works with sizes of IFR™ Probe Introducer;
    Rectal Linear Probe + Works with sizes of IFR™ Probe Introducer;

  2. Ultrasound platform: provides the most practical solution as a new tool for within a standard ultrasound workflow


Technical Specification


Ultrasound platform Based on linux, stable performance, security data
Imaging modes B, B/B, B/M, M, 4B
Gray scale levels 256
Transducer type Convex Array, Linear Array, Rectal Linear Array
Transducer frequency 2-12Mhz
Transducer element 128
Transducer connector one active transducer connectors
Scanning depth Up to 300mm

Dairy Cows, Beef Cows, Feedlot,  Sheep, Horses,  Pigs,  Small Animals and  other body scans, for example, Abdomen,Reproduction,Gynecology,Cardiology,Small Parts.

Dimension 245x153x41mm
Weight 1.2kgs
Monitor 7 inch high resolution TFT color LCD
Input and output
  • USB 3.0 (1)                                                     
  • DC in (1)                                                          
  • TV-OUT( for printer, monitor)  (1)              
  • DICOM3.0:(optional) (1)                                 



Standard Packing List:

Model Commodity/Descriptions




S6 main unit

  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Backlight comfort silica gel Keyboard ,with 2 freezing button, support Left or Right hand habit
  • Grid for estimation: With grid on the image area, you can easily estimate the size of the target substance like follicle, fertilized egg, etc.
  • Metal holders
  • USB2.0 to ensure the high-speed transferring between scanner and PC

Rectal linear array transducer

(Ruggedized, waterproof)

    S6BT Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 5000mAh

    AC Adapter for systems

    (AC110V~250V, 50/60H)


    Aluminum alloy carry case


    Stylus pen


    Water proof field working bag




      Main unit:       2 Years
      Probes:            1 Year
      Free Lifetime upgrade to new versions.