V5 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine- Slim Compact portable Color touchscreen

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Product Highlight:


Responsive touchscreen, streamlined workflow and customizable, user-defined portables to maximize the workflow efficiency.

                                      Intuitive Touch Operation


Ultra-sensitive touchscreen for easy           Fingertip-conductive touch operation

operation, even while wearing gloves

                                Customizable Configurations


Self-defined preset                                Self-defined measurement item sequence 

                                                Needle Enhancement

            Significantly enhances needle visualization provides clearer view of the needle tip while minimizing the risk of error.

                                       Auto Optimization   


One-click auto optimization adjusts gain, PRF baseline in 2D, Color and Doppler to reduce repetitive taps, clicks,  and button

                                   Auto Measurements

System automatically recognizes targets & caculates measurements  mode.


The V5 superior image quality, simplified workflow, and lightweight design provide greater diagnostic confidence in a wide range of clinical settings—including emergency medicine, anesthesiology, pain management, intensive care and musculoskeletal examinations. A full range of wide-band transducers suit a whole variety of applications and requirements. 


In complex emergency environment,    With rich cardiac function analysis

VINNO 5 performs with its fast boot        software such as MAM, Auto EF, TDI 

up time, extreme portability, built-in         with ECG, VINNO 5 can support   

battery and WIFI or Bluetooth                 cardiac diagnosis at bedside 

communication as an ideal partner.        forcritically  ill patients in fast pace.                   



Supports a variety of linear probes with      Up to 23Mhz high frequency linear 

wide frequency bandwidth which deliver     transducer, highly sensitive power 

superior image quality from superficial        Doppler & biopsy guidance feature 

to deep tissue. Needle enhancement,         ensure accuracy of interventional 

Makes VINNO 5 an ideal system for            operation in sports medicine, 

nerve block and pain management.             orthopedics and rheumatology.

                 Excellence in OB/GYN Applications


A highly sensitive touch screen and           Full range of OB/GYN functions 

simple 4D interface deliver smoother         including MCut, FreeView, HQ, Auto 

workflow and simplify daily practice.          OB Measurements, Auto Follicles for                                                                                 complete clinical analysis.

                                          Innovative Design


Battery pack - Multiple              Battery indicator               Video printer mount
battery backup supports
several hours working time


Up to 3 probe connectors      Additional Physical               4 probe holders

                                              keyboard available


Main Unit: 2 Years

Probe: 1 Year

Standard Configuration:

  • V5 Ultrasound Machine Main Unit
  • One Battery
  • AC Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • Probe: G4-9M (128 element wideband micro convex probe)