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35RC60H Rectal Curve Array Transducer

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  • Applications:
    • Small animal: Suspected Abdominal Effusion, General Abdominal Mass, Cranial Organomegaly, Caudal Mass, Pregnancy, Splenomegaly, Abdnormal Kidneys, Cystocentisis
    • Equine/Large animal: Abdomen, Transabdominal Pregnancy Check, MSK imaging of the SacroIliac, Thoracolumbar Spine, Cervical Spine, Imaging insertion of DDFT on P3 and Impar ligament through the foot
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 3.0/3.5/4.0/5.0MHz
  • Central frequency: 3.5 MHz
  • Radius: 60 mm
  • View angle: 61 degrees
  • Scanning Depth: 36‐351 mm
  • Element: 128