canine Progesterone (cProg) Rapid Test Kit

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10test kits/box including  Rapid tests kit, diluent buffer, ID chip card, pipette tips, swabs (for some items) and instruction

Progesterone is the most sensitive clinical indicator for the optimal mating period。

Progesterone levels in female dogs

LH peak : 2ng/mL
Ovulation : 5-10 ng/mL
Metestrus : 15-80 ng/mL
Whelping : 3 ng/mL +/- 2ng/mL
Anestrus :<1ng/mL

Biological properties:

Progesterone test is an important clinical indicator to determine the optimal mating time of bitches.

Clinical application:

Continuous monitoring of progesterone levels in pregnant bitches are useful to predict the occurrence of miscarriage, thus to evaluate the necessary of early intervention and supplementation of exogenous progesterone. It can also be used to predict the delivery date of bitches.

Result interpretation 

  • The progesterone value in unestrous dogs is less than 2ng/mL.
  • The progesterone value increases slowly after oestrus. The dog begins to ovulate when progesterone value is at about 5ng/mL and the progesterone value increases rapidly afterwards;
  • When progesterone value is 15-40ng/mL, it is the best mating period.
  • When the progesterone value is higher than 70ng/mL, dogs will enter the later stage of estrus and mating is not recommended.
  • The increase of progesterone is related to the breed, size and age of the dog.

Specification and parameter 

  • Species : Canine
  • Detection range : 0.5ng/mL -80ng/mL
  • Sample types : serum or plasma
  • Sample volume : 50μL serum or plasma
  • Detection time : 10 min
  • Storage temperature : 2-8℃
  • Shelf life : 18 months