E35V Veterinary Color touchscreen Ultrasound Machine

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Product Highlight

E35V is an affordable luxury ultrasound system for general purpose with delicate design. Its versatility meets the demands of any clinical setting

  • Superb Imaging
  • Delicate Design
  • Agile Workflow
  • Expanded application tools

Unique Product Highlights:

  •    Innovative RF platform --  The First In The World

  •     Up to 18MHz high resolution capability
  •    Unique human oriented design for comfort and convenience
  •    Fully articulating 19-inch high resolution LCD screen
  •     Highly sensitive 10 inch capacity touch panel 
  •     Etremely efficient workflow with smart motion touch operation(like iPad)
  •     3(active) + 1(docking) probe connectors

                                                   Advanced Imaging Technologies


 Compounding technology combined with RF platform, VFusion helps to improve the image information, enhance contrast resolution and reduces noise.


 Compound Off      Compoun On

                Compound OFF                                              Compound ON

           VSpeckle                                                               VTissue

VSpeckle can adaptively enhance           sound speed is automatically matched 

contrast and reduce speckle, haze          to enhance certain tissues such as 

and other artifacts                                    breast and tendons


Vspeckle         Vtissue          



      OB & Gyn                        





Auto Follicle                             Easy Compare               4D HQ


Calculate the size in        Powerful method to          HQ Light rendering generates 

2D and volumes in 3D.   compare exams at            realistic images of the fetal 

                                       different times, patients     structure for increased 

                                      with different probes           diagnostic confidence


Other Available Features

  • Auto image optimization 
  • Excellent RF signal based Triplex imaging 
  • Continuous wave doppler on high velocity imaging
  • Real zoom and full screen function to enlarge imaging size
  • TView for trapezoidal imaging 
  • PView for panoramic imaging
  • Multi Angle M-mode, 360 degree rotation free M mode
  • Color M-mode
  • TVI/TD, tissue velocity imaging and tissue doppler
  • Tissue Velocity M (TVM) mode 
  • Needle enhancement technology   
  • Auto Measurement(Auto IMT, Auto NT , Auto Bladder)                                                                         

Agile Workflow


      self-defined preset                         self-defined measurement item

               fast review by sliding on touch screen               built-in report template                 

                                                        Delicate Design


Unique human oriented design for           Fully articulating 19-inch high

comfort and convenience                         resolution LCD screen


Smart, muti gesture and highly sensitive 10 inch capacity touch screen