SpO2 Sensor different type and connector

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Suit for Adult, Pediatric, Neonate

  • DB9-9PIN  Connector

Compatibilities: N550,Oximax
Need Nellcor Spo2 sensors

1. The length of the sensors/probes:0.9M-3.0 m
2. The Spo2 sensors/probes are compatible with:
Nellcor®:N100 (req. preampcable),
N180,N200 (req. preampcable),
N-20,NPB-40, NPB-75,NPB-290/5 ,N-390,N-395,N-3000,N-6000

UTECH  VS2000, PM5000, PM6000. PM3500 Patient Monitor

  • Lemo Connector Type
1. The length of the sensors/probes:0.9M-3.0 m
Suitable UT100/ UT100C pulse oximeter


Brand New and high quality product.

Accurate measurement and fast responses.

Easy to clean and repair

Material: TPU Cable, gold plated pin

6 pins male connector

To collocate with patient monitor and pulse oximeter.


Available in various sizes. 

•Adult finger type

•Soft-tip type

•Y style/ Neonate type

•Pediatric type

•Disposable type

•Single use type