MX5 Portable Ultrasound Scanner -The World’S First App-Based Swine Ultrasound

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 Product Description

MX5 Go Portable Ultrasound

The World’S First App-Based Swine Ultrasound

Specialized For Monitoring Follicle Growth And Prediction Of Ovulation

MX5 is the first intelligent ultrasound for swine follicular development and ovulation monitoring. Equipped with professional imaging technology and customizable operational flow which can support monitoring, recording, collecting and analyzing the diagnostic result for every pig, the swine reproduction practice had been lifted to a new high level.
MX5 Go competes most closely with the popular GE Vscan Extend and Philips Lumify,Butterfly iQ.

Larger scan angel, faster pregancy test

MX5 have larger scan angel(160 degrees) than sector probe(90 degrees), see more, means do more , in turn faster pregancy test.

Diagnose for Pregnancy, Backfat

The MX5 realizes the benefits of workflow efficiency while providing superior imaging for reproduction such as rapid detecting non-preg-nant uteruses.

Pregnancy control to save money and feed cost.
Roughly estimation: US$2000 feed cost can be saved for every 100 sows.
Which means our scanner will pay for itself in less than half year, even if you have only 100 sows

App-based ultrasound – anywhere, anytime

Just download the MX5 app, plug in the transducer, and you're set. With an intuitive design, ease of operation, incredible image quality, slim go capability, touch-screen gesture, and simplified intuitive workflow, the MX5 provides diagnostic confidence for focused applications of pigs, sheep or goats at the same system.


Up to date probes

Advanced broadband curved array transducer help to keep the MX5 working for longer.

 No need to do oil-injecting all the time

 No possibility of the air-bubbles which affect image quality in some mechanical probes

 More comfortable for animals without motor-motion


Great potential for monitoring follicle growth and prediction of ovulation

MX5 is suitable for various exams and applications: early pregnancy checks for false pregnant alarm, detecting stillbirth, abortion, embryo absorption, etc., and estimating the number of fetus; observing the recovery of the uterus, endometritis, pyometra, effusion, and other reproductive disorders. Backfat and loin depth measurement can be done with MX5 as well.

Incredible image quality


Applicable pad or phone


Processor:Qualcomm 820 above, or Huawei kirin960 above

Connector:Type-C USB (OTG)

Software:OpenCL 1.2


HUAWEI: Mate9P20Mate10Honor9、V9、V10Honor Play


MI: 5s plusMIX28;;6X






Technical Specification



Standard Packing List:


Model Commodity/Descriptions Comments

M50 main unit

  • Video jack and USB
Best selling pig, sheep, goat ultrasound systems

Sector transducer (3.0/3.5/4.0/5.0MHz)

Professional design for 7-level waterproof

Negative pressure controlling transducer

FB2800 Extra rechargeable lithium-ion battery
SW140300 AC Adapter for systems AC110V~250V, 50/60H
SW126100 AC Adapter for Battery
TC6 Aluminum alloy carry case

Water proof field working bag(Leather protector)

Shoulder straps+Wrist strap+Desk-hold

for machine


    Model Commodity/Descriptions Application
    FB2800 Extra battery
    Hood02 Hood sheath using hood sheath sunlight readable
    MS4P Sector transducer
    Pig, Sheep, Goat animal scanning transabdominal reproductive
    CW126100 Car charger
    MANGO-BMV-12AD AC Adapter
    BC6 Battery Charger



    Main unit:       2 Years
    Probes:          1 Year
    Free Lifetime upgrade to new versions.