PM5000V 12" Veterinary Multi-parameter Monitor with ECG RESP SpO2 NIBP TEMP PR

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The PM5000V is a multi-parameter veterinary monitor with 12.1 inches high resolution LCD display. It is intended to be used in veterinary clinics and hospitals to measure animals’ SpO2, Pulse rate, Non-invasive blood pressure, Temperature,5-lead/3-lead electrocardiography (ECG) and Respiration rate. It has two optional parameters Capnography (ETCO2) and invasive blood pressure (IBP).

Main Features:

  • 12.1' coloured and bright, high definition (800 x 600) TFT LCD screen;

  • Parameters: SpO2, ECG, Heart Rate,NIBP, TEMP*2, RESP (Optional: Sidestream ETCO2, IBP);

  • Suitable for cats, dogs, horses and other animals;

  • 72 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters;

  • 32 seconds full-disclosure waveform review ;

  • 500 NIBP and SpO2 measurement data can be stored and recalled;

  • Dual Batteries for long time continuous operation

  • 100M Base-T Ethernet Interface, Support to connect to IPMS8000 Patient Management System;

  • Special designed SpO2 technology with adjustable emitting light and a wide range measurement for veterinary

  • Special designed ECG technology with high input impedance to suit for different size of veterinaries

  • Special designed NIBP technology with different size of NIBP cuffs for veterinaries

  • Sidestream technology accommodates intubated and non-intubated animals

  • Unique Designed LOGO for veterinary use only

  • Ergonomically designed handle to fit your hand comfortably

  • Can link with IPMS8000 intelligent patient monitor system

  • Multi-language: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Germany

Standard Package:

  1. PM5000V main unit(ECG+NIBP+SpO2+RESP+TEMP+PR)
  2. Veterinary SpO2 sensor (Y type Clip)
  3. 5-lead ECG cable
  4. 5 ECG Clips 
  5. NIBP cuffs for Veterinary(Cat,Dog, Horse)
  6. NIBP Extension Tube
  7. Temp Rectal Probe
  8. Lithium Battery
  9. Power cord
  10. User Manual

Optional Accessories:

  • Central Monitoring Software
  • ETCO2 Sensor + Accessories
  • Mobile Trolley
  • IBP


Main Unit                2 years
Accessories             6 months
Technical Specification
Weight 2.05 kg (4.52lbs)
Dimensions 32.4cm × 32.4cm × 18.3cm
Display 7.1-inch diagonal high-resolution TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Active Matrix LCD 800 X 480
Categories Patient status and system status
Notification Audible and visual
Setting Full storage, low battery and sensor off
Range Pulse rate (30-350bpm), SpO2 (0-100%), NIBP (0-300mmHg), RESP (5-150rpm), TEMP (24.5-45.5℃)
Alarm volume level 45dBA to 85 dBA at 1 meter distance (adjustable)
Range, Accuracy and Resolution
Range Type Range Values
Measurement Ranges
SpO2  0-100%
Pulse rate  30-350bpm
NIBP  Systolic:40 to 270 mmHg
Mean Arterial:30 to 220 mmHg
Diastolic:20 to 200 mmHg
RESP 0-150rpm
TEMP  0-50℃
Measurement Accuracy
SpO2  70-100% (±2%), <70% undefined
Pulse rate  ±2bpm/±2% take maximum
ETCO2  0~40mmHg ±2mmHg, 41~150mmHg  ±10%
TEMP  ±0.2℃
RESP  ±1rpm
Display 800 X 480
SpO2 1%
ETCO2 0.1mmHg
TEMP 0.1℃
RESP 1rpm
Pulse rate 1bpm
AC power requirement 100-240VA, 50/60Hz
Power comsumption 60VA,FUSE T1.5A
Types Lithium-lon Batteries
Operating time ≥4hours
Charge time ≤4hours
Operating tempearture 0-50℃
Storage temperature -40-75℃
Operating humidity 15-95%
Storage humidity 10-95%
Operating altitude -500-5000m 
Standards and Certification
IEC 62366 Medical devices-Application of usability engineering to medical devices
IEC 62304 Medical device-software life cycle processes
MDD 93/42/EEC European Medical Device Directive
ISO 13485 Medical equipment-Quality management system
EN ISO 14971 Medical devices-Risk management
EN 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment
EN 60601-2 Medical electrical equipment
EN 60601-8 Medical electrical equipment
EN 980 Symbols for use in labeling of medical devices
EN 1041 Information supplied by the manufacture of medical devices
ISO 80601-2-61 Medical electrical equipment-Particular requirements for the basic safety and  essential performance of pulse oximeter equipment for medical use
EN ISO 10993-1 Biological evaluation of medical devices
EN ISO 10993-5 Biological evaluation of medical devices
EN ISO 10993-10 Biological evaluation of medical devices
ISO 14155-1 Clinical investigation of medical devices 
SFDA State Food and Drug Administration