S60 Fixed-Portable double usage Veterinary Digtal Radiography

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The inventor of the dual-usage pet Dr in the industry, professional and dedicated design for the animal patients.

  • Preparation
  • Exposure
  • Standby

  • Ball gravity + scale design precised colimator angles
  • 8 inches color touch screen, intelligent operation
  • The worldwide first integrated design of the built-in colimator with the knob in front
  • Smart multi-color atmospher signal lights for clear guidance during the machine operations
  • Multi-functional supporting design with weight-bearing handle for load-bearing, lifting, or hand holding

Product Innovation

  • Fully automated APR, dozens of preset shooting positions, editable and storabel shooting conditions settings

  • The battery can meet about 200 exposures under power full charging

Product Features:

  • Simple: High-pressure ball tube control panel integration, highly integrated, greatly saving space.
  • Safety: Built-in special designed colimator all-in-one structure to minimise.
  • Fast: Exquisite frame design, convenient headpiece removal, easy and flexible to operate.

Machine Details:


Flexible Multi-scene Applications:



Field rescue

Emergencies, etc