T100 Classic Stationary DR Remote X-Ray Machine

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Main Features

  • High-pixel flat panel detector
  • Lowest radiation dosage exposure in the vet DR industry
  • Ultra-high speed exposure and processing, 1-3 seconds
  • High-frequency inverter, high-voltage generator and high-voltage output
  • Compact four-way floating bed design can meet various image requirements from different body parts and positions
  • Semi-closed cover design for a better heat dissipation and nice appearance;
  • Video camera at machine head for remote patient monitoring
  • Advanced flat panel detector technology
  • The first portable tablet box design
  • Aluminum alloy column opening mold process
  • Multi-angle shooting, a wide range of clinical applications
  • Diversified configuration to meet the needs of hospitals at all level
  • Professional measuring tools (VHS, TTA, HD, TPLO) Advanced image splicing tools designed for veterinary use.
  • Independently designed and owned “TUTOM Vet-DR Workstation” is a professional veterinary imaging processing software that equipped with the exclusive “MFOPA” advanced algorithm processing system to ensure the highly efficient image post-processing capabilities.
  • Compact structural design and integrated rack and generator design for less room space occupation;


Configuration and Warranty

No  Parts  Parameter  Performance requirement  Configuration Warranty
1 Generator
Power  20/32kW Stand 2 Years
Supply voltage  Single 220V
Power type  L N,3wires
Power Frequency  50/60Hz
Instantaneous Power  54kW
Exposure voltage  40kV-150kV
Exposure time  1ms-6300ms
Exposure current  10mA-400mA
Kv veracity  ≤5%
mA veracity ≤5%(mA>25mA,ms>5) 
≤±(10%+1mA) (mA≤25) 
Exact exposure time  ≤±(10%+1ms) (ms≤10)
mAs Veracity  ≤±(10%+0.2mA·s)
mAs Range  0.1mAs-320mAs
Inverter frequency  50kHz±20%
2 X Ray Tube
Focus  0.6mm/ 1.5mm Stand 2 Years
Anode rotation speed  2700rpm
Anode capacity  142KJ(200kHU)
Anode input power  16.5/47KW
Standard voltage  40~125KV
Assemnlies capacity  900KJ(1250kHU)
Target angle  14°
Continuous heat Fanless 180W (15kHU/min)
Loading leak condition  125 kV、 4 mA
Permanent filter  0.9 mm Al / 75 kV IEC60522:1999
Weight  ≈16kg
3 Flat Panel
Materials  A-Si, CsI, non-splicing Stand 3 Years
Dimension  43cm*43cm
Available resolution  3072*3072
Spatial pixel  3.4 Lp/mm
Pixel dimension  139μm
Image acquisition time Preview time: 4s
Processing acquisition time: 7s (Inclpreview image time )
4 Colimator
Original filtration  1.2mmAl Stand 2 Years
Power supply  DC/AC 12V or 24V
Location light  LED, 5W
Field switch  Manul
Exposure time  30s
Min exposure field  >45cm×45cm SID=100cm
Max exposure field  ≤0cmX0cm SID=100cm
illuminance  >300Lux
leakage radiation  < 0.5 mGy/h
5 Host
OptiPlex 5050
RAM  4G Stand 2 Years
Hardware  500G
6 Display
Dimension  23 inches Stand 2 Years
Panel type  IPS
Screen ratio  16:09
Pixel pitch  0.265mm
Brightness  250cd/m2
Resolution  1920×1080
Typical Contrast  1000:01:00
Response time  6ms
Weight  5.59kg
7 Complete equipment SID  1m Stand 3 Years
Bed surface material  Polyurethane
Dimension  1400*650mm
Complete dimension  1439*847*1924mm
Bed height  766mm
Max dimension inside  800*550*52mm
Bed movement  Four way floating , 
Lateral ±220mm,
Vertical ±50mm
Support Weight  ≥150KG
Wireless exposure  Beside control Optional
Mini control console+ remote-control 
Brown Standard configuration Stand
Green  Optional Optional
Beside monitor  Real-time monitoring system 
Voice talkback  Connection inside and outside room. 
8 Software Imaging Processing Vision adjustment Stand Continue Update
Zoom roaming
Gamma calibration
Flip / Reversal
Measurement and annotation
Exposure dose display
Data interface and transmit DICOM transmit  
DICOM Worklist
APR  52  
Harware storage  500G  
Advanced functions Full imaging Splicing  Optional  
Full imaging Printing