VET1010 5.0KW Digital Radiography System X-ray Machine

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The machine is combined high frequency X-ray photography diagnostic equipment. It is specially designed for radiography department in veterinary hospitals, clinics, makes radiography on animal, such as head, limbs, chest and spine.

VET 1010 Series Veterinary Digital Radiography X-ray System

Professional image acquisition and processing system

DICOM 3.0 interface supports concise image processing and work list output.

Advanced Technology

Innovative A-Si Flat Panel Detector

  1. Mature flat-panel detector ensures excellent image quality and reliable clinical diagnosis.
  2. Fast imaging time, high efficiency, directly imaging in computer without film processing.

Optimized Human -- Friendly Design of portable mobile veterinary DR x-ray equipment VET 1010

  1. Multiple self - protection and fault alarming function, safe and reliable.
  2. Automatically save parameters when suddenly power off, no lose of data.

Incomparable Flexibility

  1. Movable in any field, convenient to fix vet animals on the table.
  2. Hihg quality X-ray monoblock can rotate ± 90°.
  3. Rocker can move up and down with advanced counter balance technology.
  4. Foldable detector bracket.

Unique Clinical Experience

  1. High quality x-ray monoblock assures more details, less dose.
  2. Wireless remote control exposure, penetrate obstacles, more convenient to operate.

Main Features

  1. With compact appearance, flexible movement
  2. With high frequency inverter to emit high quality -X-ray and low dose on skin, and ensure excellent definition and contrast of pictures
  3. With techinques of KV analog closed loop control, mAs digital closed loop control and micro-processing real-time control to ensure precision and repeatability of the dose.
  4. With KV, mAs two button adjustment, LCD display, multifunction of safety guard
  5. With 50 preset exposure programs, and can be modified and stored by the user for convenient operation
  6. With a high quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce irradiation, it is much safer to environment and operator
  7. With fault automatic protection setting and fault alarming display
  8. The system can keep parameters automatically, in case losing data.
  9. With a rotating beam limiting device to adjust the X-ray field and angle, so it can ensure accurate radiography results
  10. With high KV function, it has wide using range and good effect of photography
  11. Manual control and remote control are used to expose. Wireless remote exposure control can penetrate barriers which makes operation more convenient
  12. Support to read barcode, easy to register patients’ data
  13. Perfect image stitching function, different resolution can self-adapted
  14. Imaging acquisition software for veterinary
  15. Professional operation process, support Dicom 3.0 standard, accurate image processing, report come out



Technical Specifications

Power output: 5.0KW

Main Inverter frequency: 50KHz

X-ray Tube: fixed anode focus, 1.5(X-ray tube for high frequency)

Tube Voltage: 40KV-120KV (interval 1KV)

Tube Current: 25mA-103mA

                       40-49KV  103mA 1-180mAs

                       50-59KV  77mA  1-140mAs

                       60-69KV  64mA  1-125mAs

                       70-79KV  55mA  1-110mAs

                       80-89KV  49mA  1-100mAs

                       90-99KV  44mA  1-80mAs

                       100-109KV  32mA  1-63mAs

                       110-120KV  25mA  1-50mAs

MAs: 1.0-180mAs (46 steps)

Power Supply: 220V±10%, 50Hz±10%, Inner-resistance≤1.0Ω

Operation Method: wire/wireless control


Digital Imaging System

Option 1: Venu 1417P Wire FPD

High performance portable static flat panel detector, 14”x17”, have Sync-shot function


Vision Size: 14”x17”

Pixel Matrix: 2304x2800

Space Resolution: 3.3Lp/mm

A/D Transfer: 14bit


Option w: Venu 1717M wire FPD

Pixel Size: 139µm

Vision Size: 17”x17”

Space Resolution: 3.6Lp/mm

A/D Transfer: 14bit

Standard Packing List

  1. Combined high-frequency high-voltage X-ray generator and high-frequency inverter power supply(2.5KW, 100KV, 50mA, 50KHz)
  2. New mobile X-ray photography mainframe
  3. Mobile X-ray photography control system
  4. Rotating beam limiting device
  5. Remote control
  6. Wire flat panel detector
  7. FPD transformed box
  8. Integrated workstation
  9. Spare parts(See spare parts list for detail information
  10.  Mobile vet table